SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Why SLS?

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process, suitable for producing durable prototypes and batch production polymer parts. SLS uses a laser to melt polymer powder and fuses it layer by layer, into a 3D part. As no supports are required, complex geometries can be accurately produced. Volumes of parts can also be produced without the need for expensive tooling and at much lower timescales.

As the name suggests, additive manufacturing involves adding more and more layers to gradually build up the finished part, unlike subtractive manufacturing where material is removed to achieve the final creation. Among the advantages of using SLS are the speed and the reduction in waste.

Benefits of using SLS include:

  • Fast build times
  • Durable parts
  • Fully functional prototype parts (including form, fit and function, clips and snap-fit features)
  • Materials certified for use in medical, aerospace and food applications
  • Low to mid-volume end-use production parts with no need for tooling
  • Large build frames/areas – allowing for small batch productions or printing of large parts
  • High level of design freedom and ability to print complex geometries
  • Large variety of post processing options from assembly, vibro finishing, dying, fully finished/painted, EMC shielding, plating etc.

SLS at Ogle

Ogle has more than 20 years’ experience in using the process and employs three SLS machines – EOS P100, EOS P770 and EOS P730, with a maximum build volume of 679 x 368 x 567mm. SLS is ideal for the direct manufacture of production parts, spares and functional prototypes in nylon.  

What Ogle offers:

  • Large frame machines, allowing for quick turnaround of parts at volume and large parts to be printed as a single piece. We are also able to re-join extra-large parts if they need to be split.
  • The human touch. We don’t just print your parts, we can advise of the best material, process and geometry modifications if required, including wall sections and feature definition.
  • Inspection facilities using calibrated equipment with various reports available, including CofC and FAIR.
  • Post-processing by our skilled team – including surface finishes, painting, assembly, inserts, etc. 

Variety of materials:

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Our Work with SLS

From the Mars Rover to a delicate Fabergé Egg, Ogle’s experience of using the process is extensive and varied. We work with clients to achieve the optimum design and build parameters, to deliver the best possible results. 

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