When the geometries are challenging, testing crucial and final result imperative, industries in the marine sector turn to Ogle.

Ogle worked closely with ATLAS ELEKTRONILK UK Ltd to deliver a scale model of their Remote Capability Integrated Mission Suite (ARCIMS); a boat capable of detecting and detonating mines.

The same processes were used to create both models. The hulls were CNC machined from model board. The cabin sections were created from SLA printed parts. Machined acrylic glazing panels complete with frames made up the windows which were then bonded into place. The main mast, engines and interior details were again formed using SLA.


3D printing has already begun to revolutionise the maritime industry. It started with the availability of 3D printed valves that had the sufficient strength and accuracy to work effectively, through to giving military field engineers greater flexibility and, ultimately, the ability to deliver faster solutions to the Royal Navy with unmanned vessels.

  • Form, fit and function prototypes
  • Highly accurate models of vessels and parts
  • Autonomous vessels
  • Scale models
  • 3D printed strong production parts

What Our Clients Have to Say

They have led the way in 3D printing for years, building a very impressive portfolio. It made sense to work with the experienced team at Ogle for this project. We have an order going through for three more parts since the completion of the bow and tail fins, and would not hesitate to work with them on future projects.

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