Marketing & Exhibition Models

Exhibitions provide an ideal environment for customers to showcase their products and capabilities.

A superbly executed model, whether a small demonstrable part right through to a full-size interior aerospace model with an integrated lighting system – can generate considerable visual impact and will help to entice visitors to your stand.

Equally, customers may require such high quality models for other marketing purposes or for internal review within the company to gain buy-in.


First Rate Quality

The crucial consideration with these models is achieving first rate quality and Ogle excels at attention to detail delivering visually accurate models to within +/-0.1mm per 100mm of the design.

The Ogle team also works very closely with clients to colour match and to produce a superior surface finish that replicates their final production parts.



The Ogle team love a challenge! Think you’ve got a project that could test the team? Get in touch:

Vast in-house facilities

Design data is accepted in a variety of formats including 3D CAD, 2D CAD and even simple sketches.

Utilising its vast experience, Ogle will then decide on the most appropriate means of creating the model. With a raft of CNC machines, industrial 3D printers as well as industrial modelmaking in-house, there is a lot to choose from and often a combination of processes are used in a  single project.

Generally such models require the need for CNC machining, especially as this process provides a high quality finish. The company’s 25,000 square foot facility houses a small Bridgeport 560mm right up to a 5 axis Belotti 4000 x 2600 x 1300mm.

Capacity has also recently been increased with the installation of a Hurco VM30i 3 axis machining centre with 12,000 RPM spindle speed. With a large machining envelope of 1270 x 508 x 508mm this enables Ogle to increase turn around times and also provides greater flexibility for clients as it allows for the effective distribution of projects between existing machines.

Vast in-house facilities

Meeting customer requirements

Ogle takes pride in its communication skills and spends a great deal of time with the client at the start of the process discussing the brief to fully understand and explore the requirements.

To make sure it delivers exactly what the client wants, all the information is required up front including time scales and budget.

High quality finish

In the development of marketing and exhibition models, the finishing of the parts tends to be given more time. In fact, it can often take up 50 per cent of the job.

With a dedicated painting and finishing department in-house, the highly skilled and creative team will finish every model to the highest standards in line with precise client requirements. The all-important industrial modelmaking will then be utilised to construct the model.

Ogle will also carefully pack, ship and, if required, install it at the exhibition wherever that may in the world. Customised exhibition cases and plinths can also be provided.

Models to be Proud Of

Ultimately, you will be proud to show an Ogle model at an exhibition.

Here are some examples of marketing and exhibition models that Ogle has delivered to customers in a variety of sectors, from automotive and aerospace through to medical and product design:


The Ogle team love a challenge! Think you’ve got a project that could test the team? Get in touch: