Medical Prototyping

The emphasis that Ogle Models and Prototypes places on quality means that the company boasts a long and successful history of working with clients in the Medical Device industry to produce medical prototypes.

The medical sector is a demanding one, with regulations that define every stage of product development. However, advances in medical devices have been paralleled by new technologies that enable faster, more accurate product development – namely additive manufacturing / 3D printing technologies.

Medical Prototyping

As a company that has adopted these technologies from early on, Ogle has been able to bring the unique capabilities and materials of these processes to bear on successful medical prototype projects for many of its clients, together with the traditional skills that are still often required.

Ogle is fully equipped, in-house, to produce parts and assemblies for anything from oral inhalation and diabetes devices (which exhibit notoriously complex geometries and thin-wall sections) including small series prototype runs, through various orthopaedic instruments, to large-scale, functional blood analysers.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Collaborating from the early stages with Ogle, we managed to tailor a design that made use of rapid prototyping, machining and vac moulding processes which delivered a product that was minimal in part count, simple to assemble, robust and visually appealing.



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