Architectural Models

Having worked with some of the world’s leading architects, Ogle has clear insight into the demands that are required for producing the highest quality architectural models.

The company has developed a bespoke service to meet the needs of architectural clients, whether the requirement is a basic block model or a highly-detailed scheme presentation model.

The architectural sector continues to advance in terms of building methods and complexity – a trend that is mirrored by the 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology that is available to produce the complex models that this field demands. With the latest high-tech 3D Printing methods at its disposal in-house, Ogle will always recommend the best possible process for any architectural model application always taking into account scale and detailing. Please see below for further information.

Working with clients directly to accurately fulfil the brief, Ogle will address all of the pertinent issues and apply its in-depth knowledge to the production of the model but the Ogle solution does not stop there. The company offers a complete solution which includes, full finishing capabilities; lighting and electrics; plinths and baseboards; and transport grade packaging.

Architectural Models

Establishing the scale of an architectural model at the earliest possible stage is crucial. This involves taking into consideration the size of the finished model and the level of detail that is required. It is not always a case of scaling down the original CAD model. While 3D printing/additive manufacturing techniques and materials do offer unparalleled freedom of design, it is vital that the digital data dimensions for the scale model capture any fine detailing requirements and that they can be accommodated by the build process. Ogle can offer advice and support in this regard.

  • Lighting & Electrics: Ogle has the know-how and the capacity to add stunning visual effects to any architectural model, this includes internal lighting and external LEDS for street and vehicle lighting.
  • Plinths & Baseboards: To provide the perfect setting or site plan, architectural models may necessitate road location detailing or a plinth to lift the model to an appropriate viewing height. Ogle is able to meet any such requirement as part of its bespoke service using its in-house CNC machines or panel saw. Furthermore, Ogle can supply plinths.
  • Presentation Cases: Ogle can supply clear and polished Perspex cases to present and/or protect the finished model.
  • Packaging Crates: For models that need to be delivered by courier in the UK or worldwide, Ogle can provide tailor-made export grade cases.
Architectural Models

What Our Clients Have to Say

When we approached Ogle Models we only had some drawings and an artist’s impression to convey the 'look and feel' of the proposed interchange concourse. However, Ogle brought to bear an impressive range of techniques and materials that helped bring the scheme to life. In addition, the people at Ogle are a joy to work with.

Soji Abass


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