3D Printing Service

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is part of the additive manufacturing family.

Producing parts directly from 3D CAD data, building them up one layer at a time. This process delivers the greatest efficiencies and results with highly complex, low-volume and ever-changing parts.

See why your project needs a form, fit and function prototype. 

Benefits of 3D Printing for your prototyping project

3D printing has opened up the possibilities for accurately achieving multiple complex shapes within a single model. As investors in technology, Ogle have the in-house machine capability and processes to build final production parts.

  • Highly-detailed parts
  • Unrivalled accuracy at +/-0.1mm per 100mm
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced lead times
  • Fine detailing
  • Robust material options
  • Cost saving of up to 70% when compared with traditional methods

Ogle employ eight 3D printing machines: three SLS, four SLA and an FDM. This ensures that whether your project is large or small, the same efficiencies can be achieved by maximising the use of all our machines.


The Ogle team love a challenge! Think you’ve got a project that could test the team? Get in touch:

Working with Ogle

Having pioneered the use of industrial 3D printing for decades, Ogle’s 13,000 sq ft facility not only houses eight 3D printing machines, but also an industry-leading team of model makers and prototype engineers.

“We have previously worked with Ogle on a number of different projects, but this was the first larger job. Their price was competitive and the range of machines and tools they have is extremely impressive. They have led the way in 3D printing for years, building a very impressive portfolio. It made sense to work with the experienced team at Ogle for this project.”

– Dan Alldis, Design Manager at MOST Autonomous Vessels.

Visit our facilities

We have a fleet of industrial 3D printing machines. This is why we encourage our customers to visit us and take a look around. Machines include:

  • Fortus 400mc FDM machine
  • IPro 8000 SLA
  • SLA 3500
  • Two SLA Vipers
  • EOS P100 – Formiga SLS
  • EOS P385 SLS
  • EOS P730 SLS

If you’ve got an upcoming project, or just want to learn more about 3D printing at Ogle, give our team a call on 01462 628 661 to book your visit.

Paint and Finishing

Full colour and texture finishes can be applied to your 3D printed part. In addition to standard finishing options, the Ogle paint department really get creative. So, if there’s a finish or colour you need to achieve for your project, just ask. This attention-to-detail results in stunning and visually accurate prototypes.


The Ogle team love a challenge! Think you’ve got a project that could test the team? Get in touch: