Scale Models

Whether for exhibitions, presentation or display purposes, models can be produced to any feasible scale.

In Ogle’s workshop there has been a 1:20 train carriage model through to a full-scale model of a helicopter and even a scale model of a single-decker bus complete with lighting and controls. A scale model can also involve a cutaway to reveal a certain aspect of design or a working mechanism.

The process of creating a scale model starts with a customer providing the design files. This is predominantly in the form of 3D CAD but the team can also work from 2D CAD and even simple drawings.

Having translated this data into our CAD/CAM software, Ogle’s engineers will resize the model to the scale required, ensuring that all the detail is kept and key features are correctly represented.

Building The Model

Once scaled, Ogle will consider how to construct the model. With a range of technologies and processes in-house, – including industrial 3D printing, CNC machining and traditional hand skills – the team will apply the most appropriate to the project at hand, which often consists of more than one process.

Key to building a successful working relationship with the client is to involve them from this very early stage.

Ogle regularly communicates with its clients, even emailing photos of how the team proposes to make the model and then keep them regularly updated throughout the build process. This helps negate issues and successfully solve any if they do arise.

Building The Model

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3D Printing The Parts

With the production method and materials chosen, Ogle’s skilled team will get to work producing the parts.

Scale models will often contain intricate detailing and for this 3D printing is especially favourable. With 3D printing, accuracy levels of +/- 0.1mm per 100mm can be achieved.

However, the challenge with scale models is to maintain the strength of the smaller parts. These fine details are given particular attention by the team, almost operating on them like a surgeon would in theatre.

Preparing The Finished Model

Once all the parts are produced, the skilled model makers will prepare them for Ogle’s in-house paint and finishing department. Here, with a highly creative team, all individual components are finished and painted to the client’s exact specifications.

The parts are then assembled to create a finished model to such a high standard that we guarantee it will blow you away.

Scale Models

Here are some examples of scale models that Ogle has delivered to customers:

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