Painting & Finishing

A model or a prototype only comes to life once it has been painted and finished. As such, it’s a crucial part of what we offer at Ogle.

The highly creative and passionate team within the painting and finishing department will complete each model to the highest possible standards.

All size and shape of model have been through Ogle’s doors from miniature figurines through to scale models with intricate parts to full-size car models complete with working electronic components or lighting.


Dedicated Facilities

Ogle’s painting and finishing department boasts a number of dedicated facilities including:

  • A paint colour-mixing room.
  • A full-sized (6.25m long x 3.9m wide x 2.5m high) paint finishing booth where models and parts will receive their final top coats in a dust-free and controlled environment.
  • The clean room holds a library of literally thousands of colours. Here Ogle can demonstrate to customers how it will colour match to their exact requirements. The team will also discuss with customers how they will go about achieving this, sometimes even proposing an innovative approach, method or technique they are unaware of. Clients have often left the department feeling inspired!


The Ogle team love a challenge! Think you’ve got a project that could test the team? Get in touch:

Highly Skilled Job

Once the prototypes or parts come off the machines, they need to be skilfully prepared and sanded by hand. This removes any evidence of supports and layering effects, especially with regards to the 3D printing processes of stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS).

For larger assemblies such as aircraft interiors which have been CNC machined or fabricated say from MDF or Fibrelam, the finishing options are vast, from a basic matt paint to a superior high gloss finish or even highly detailed leather trimming for seating.

Spray guns are the most used form of applying primer or paint to parts and these range from those with big nozzles for spraying heavy coats of primer through to mini guns with a tiny nozzle for delivering fine detail to those more intricate parts.

Other tools used include an anti static gun that vitally prevents parts attracting dust as well as a recent vinyl cutter, which is proving extremely useful for making up masks, patterns and logos.

Final Touches

Once the parts have been painted, Ogle can complete the look by applying any graphics that have been supplied by clients and also installing electronics and lighting systems.

Each project the Ogle painting and finishing team undertakes adds to their already vast skillset and experience as no two projects are ever the same. But this is a challenge the team relishes and looks forward to what projects will be coming through the door next.


Need vibrant colours for your SLS part?

Through extensive in-house R&D, the team at Ogle have developed a new range of colour options using its newly created ColourPro method; delivering high quality SLS models and prototypes for unique and bespoke products.

Unrivalled durability

Have you experienced colour fade on your model or prototype? Perhaps the colour has come off in your hands? The new ColourPro system puts an end to that. The in-house process is suitable for colouring large and small parts, regardless of part geometry and complexity. The best bit? Whether you need a single part or a series of parts, the colour can be applied to give consistent results.

SLS Vibro Finishing

To enhance and improve the surface finish of an SLS part, Ogle provide a vibro finishing service – also known as tumbling. This process delivers a significant reduction in most of the visible layers in order to deliver a smoother surface finish without the need for hand finishing.

White label service

Are you a 3D printing bureau looking to add value to your customers? Ogle can help. The team work with multiple 3D printing firms to provide outstanding paint and finishing services.

Got a project in mind? Talk to our team today on 01462 682661.