Traditional Hand Skills

Achieving prototyping & model making perfection

Ogle has an extensive range of the most advanced machinery, but it’s people that we put at the very centre of our success..

When selecting the right model making or prototyping company, it is the skills and knowledge of the team that will ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind. This is why traditional hand skills are so valuable to the Ogle formula. It is one of the key reasons why Ogle is selected time and time again for model making and prototyping.

Achieving prototyping & model making perfection

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Traditional Hand Skills In The News

From Honda’s concept vehicles to the latest in aerospace design and innovation, the skills of the team at Ogle can be applied across all industries, including:

Working with Ogle

By choosing to work with Ogle for your next project, you benefit by having access to decades of experience from the team.

They know what will work, what can be achieved and how your project can meet its objectives.

The Ogle Factor

Ogle has a proud heritage of training and developing the next generations of model makers. Amongst the current experts at Ogle are several that have served their apprenticeship at Vauxhall Motors as pattern makers.

Traditional hand skills take years of training and practice to perfect, and Ogle ensure these are continuously passed on to the next generation.

Your finished model or prototype

When you have invested time and resources into developing your model, it’s vital that it is not let down at the final stage: finishing. Ogle provide dimensional accuracy and industry-standard tolerances to every model, and produce the required finish to exact specifications.

It’s time to Challenge Ogle

The Ogle team love a challenge! This is probably why they’ve been at the forefront of prototyping for over 60 years. Think you’ve got a project that could test the team? Get in touch: