May 2020

What is Bench Model Making?

We may be at the very forefront of technological innovation, boasting an array of advanced machinery, but there are times in our industry where the future has to step aside for the past – and good old-fashioned skill.

Bench model making really comes in to its own on the larger projects where although the majority of the components are either machined or 3D printed, they then have to be skilfully fitted and assembled together before being carefully hand finished ready for painting prior to the final assembly. Working prototypes or complex mechanisms require experience and skill to assemble, this ensures they are working correctly. During this process, the model maker will be relied on to make any modifications.

Having been around for over 65 years, we’ve lived through a huge evolution within the industry, and we’re able to turn to our bench model making skills and combine them with our advanced industrial capabilities to provide truly exceptional accuracy and quality.

When should I use bench model making?

Whether it’s assembling components for a full-scale automotive or adding the finishing touches to an intricate design, bench model making allows our skilled model makers to use tried and tested techniques to achieve what machines can’t.

There are times when a model requires an additional level of detailing or a finish that machines can’t achieve. It’s a similar story when using CAD, where a certain design or problem can’t be solved using software. Our machines might be able to provide an answer to most problems but there are times when a literal “hands-on” approach is the only solution.

An out-of-this-world example

This was the case for our work on the ExoMars Rover. While CNC and SLS capabilities were used throughout the project, much of the work involved bench model making skills, much to our client’s satisfaction, with a spokesman for Airbus Defence and Space saying:

“Ogle Models & Prototypes met all expectations in delivering an excellent product on a tight schedule, whilst suggesting useful improvements to the initial design as a result of the manufacturing process.”

To learn more about this project, click here.

Our credentials

As well as an extensive knowledge of all the very latest technology, our model makers bring with them years of experience and practice in the implementation and delivery of models, working across a range of sectors. Our General Manager, Dave Orman, for example, has been with us for more than 35 years. When we find talent, we keep hold of it. Dave manages our brilliant model shop team as well as putting pen to paper to recommend the right processes, materials and breakdowns of each new job.

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