February 2020

The Sistine Chapel Before Michelangelo

Can you imagine what the Sistine Chapel looked like before Michelangelo started wielding his horsehair brushes? Pretty boring, we imagine. And it certainly wouldn’t still be attracting hordes of visitors 500 years later.

We feel the same way about our painting and finishing team as they transform what we have created into something amazing.

Take a look at the Koringa Systems portable food testing device.

We were briefed to create a highly realistic model for Koringa to use for attracting investment. The quality of the paint and hand finishing were imperative, and we rose to the challenge to produce an eye-catching model that had the look AND feel of the real thing.

Leading the way

This was thanks in no small part to Paint Supervisor Adam Searle and his team of painters, whose years of experience can bring a model to life.

Not all models require painting and finishing, but when they do clients expect the best and, luckily for them, it is an area where Ogle excel.

We have a dedicated paint facility where our passionate team work their magic. They have used their attention to detail on everything from a miniature figurine to full-size car models, complete with working electronic components or lighting.

We have literally thousands of colours and finishes available, and we will perfectly match whatever shade you are looking for. You can even bring in an example where our team can colour match virtually anything!

Breathing life into your model

Matt White, Senior Sales Engineer, said:

“In most cases, if it is a purely functional prototype or a quick look to check the form or fit, then no paint and finishing is needed as it would be a waste of money.

“But, if it is an aesthetic model for an exhibition or to gain investment, then it is very important. It brings the models to life and certainly adds value to the model/prototype. It may be to make it look like the real product before the product is released, to sign off important features or the design and colours, or to help people see what it will actually look like as a product in order to gain investment or approval to actually be manufactured.

“We can produce models and prototypes for each stage of the design phase and for all sorts of industries – from something quick and straight off the machine to fully finished, final prototypes and end use parts.”

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