January 2016



People really are at the heart of everything we do here at Ogle, and most importantly, ‘The Ogle Factor’. So we thought it was time to pull back the curtains and introduce to you our Paint and Model Finishing team.

Introducing Ogle’s Paint Supervisor Adam Searle

A bit of background

Like all great beginnings, Adam’s began with the humble Vauxhall Corsa. Making parts and performing what can now be classed as rather questionable paint jobs, the passion for perfection was born. At 21, Adam became a Trainee Paint Sprayer at Ogle and discovered cutting-edge materials and technologies. With a 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son, who have both asked to come and work at Ogle when they grow up, there’s a chance we will have three generations of Searle’s at Ogle as Bob, Adam’s father, works in the model shop.

Passion for paint and perfection

After a decade at Ogle, Adam now pioneers the discovery of new processes, machines, materials, environmental impacts and trends.

“One of the most exciting parts of my job at Ogle is that no two days are ever the same. We spend time to understand a project to make sure we give the right recommendations for the model or prototype finishing. It’s not just a quick spray of paint.

“The processes can broadly be defined into seven categories:

  1. Preparation – Rubbing down all the surfaces to a smooth finish, ensuring any build lines are removed and that all shapes will fit together as they are designed to.
  2. Masking – This is used to prevent paint from reaching certain sections, adding separate colours, finishing a part, and even adding logos and shapes.
  3. Colour matching – Whether we receive a sweet wrapper or pantone colour we’re able to provide a detailed and accurate colour match to create any effect.
  4. Painting – This is the really exciting bit. We’ve got around 100 different types of paint, which all have different uses and advantages, whether that’s drying times, gloss levels or weights and build up. Some of the finishes are created using three layers of different paints – so this part of the process requires customer consultant and a fair bit of science.
  5. Graphics – To really personalise a model or prototype we can apply any graphics to provide an accurate finished look.
  6. Lacquer – Applying lacquer ensures that any graphics or specialist paint finishes are secured and kept in place. This achieves longevity for the overall finish of the model or prototype.
  7. Polishing – This process ensures there are no imperfections.”

The Ogle Factor

“I think the paint team’s Ogle Factor has to be our experience and unwavering zest for the latest trends. We’ve got a lot of experience combined with youth, so our knowledge of the whole production process helps us understand the way to approach a job and what the customer is looking to achieve.

“We’re also quite a competitive bunch, so everyone is always working their hardest to deliver the best outcome. I’d love to share with you all the reasons why we’re great, but, they’re Ogle secrets and need protecting. Sorry.”

Jeff List, Adam Searle and Keith Brooks

“Love is a strong word. But I really do like working here. It feels like I’m leaving the house to do my favourite hobby, rather than a day at work.”  

Our team champion the difference that quality finishing can achieve for your product, your market and ultimately your customer. We’ve invested significantly in scaling our in-house facilities and with the consistent training and development of the paint team.

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