November 2016

The Secret Keepers Guide To Secret Keeping

Probably not the article you expected to read on our blog, but one that we just had to share. We are extremely fortunate to work with some of the market leaders in the automotive, aerospace, defence, architectural sphere, and there are some great projects we can shout about. Just click here to read some of our case studies.

BUT, and it’s a big but – the reason why we’re chosen time and time again is because we’re the first stop for companies who are preparing to launch a product and don’t want anyone to know about it. Our history in secret keeping starts way back to when we were working on the Star Wars figurines for the original movie, and while the projects have changes considerably in terms of complexity and ever-evolving technological changes, our principles have remained the same.

Here’s what happens when we start trying to talk about our awesome clients and their ground-breaking projects:

We’re so excited to talk about this awesome ____ that we did for the globally renowned ____. Oh, but the intricacy and attention-to-detail we achieved using CNC and our excellent model-makers to deliver an award-winning ____ for ____, leaders in the automotive industry.

Can you see our difficulty? We would love nothing more than to talk to you about these projects, but our reputation for excellent secret keeping is one that we intend to hold on to. We thought we’d give you some insight into the process of how we work with companies whose primary concern is that they can design, test and develop their product to get it to market before their competitors even know they had the initial idea.


Secret keeping rule #1

Making you feel confident sharing your secret. After you have spent months or even years developing the concept and refining every aspect of it, we know the importance of finding the right company to trust.

Secret keeping rule #2

The model making and prototyping team. Everyone who works at Ogle knows the importance of secret keeping. If our teams need to communicate to complete the project, they do. If not, it is unlikely that the guys over in the RP will ever know about your project if it doesn’t concern them. Most of our team have been with us for years and it is that level of commitment we need to maintain our reputation as the best secret keepers in the business.

Secret keeping rule #3

Contain your excitement. If we’re so thrilled that we can’t contain ourselves. We write it down. Drive to a remote island. Then start a fire. Burn all the evidence and walk away as if nothing happened. Alternatively, those of us with pets choose to confide in them. Until cockapoos can talk, your secret is safe with us.

While we might be having a laugh about how we keep secrets here at Ogle HQ. We take it extremely seriously. And everyone who works at Ogle understands that this is one of the key reasons why we’re chosen to work on such prestigious projects. Ultimately secret keeping is in our DNA.


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