May 2016



At Ogle it’s really important that when we’ve completed a project and handed it over to the client, we take the time to get feedback. Whether it’s something we can work on for the future, or a celebration of the way we currently work, all of this is vital for maintaining The Ogle Factor and for our continued success.

When we embarked on the ‘Honda. Great Journey.’ project with industrial designers Map, we knew it would be a competitive tender. However, we didn’t know that Map were considering outsourcing the project to China.

We spoke to Scott Barwick, Design Associate at Map, about why they chose to award the project to Ogle instead of sourcing a company in China, he said: “We initially selected Ogle due to their competitive price and the fact that they could meet our strict lead times. We had thought about outsourcing the project to China, but the great thing about Ogle is we could visit them, have a conversation directly with the team and resolve issues very quickly.”

And that’s the crux of it really. Being able to effectively communicate a designer’s wants and needs for a model or prototype, does deliver the strongest results. We’re extremely proud to have been selected to work on this project for such a household name.

Speaking about his overall experience with Ogle, Mr Barwick said: “We really enjoyed working with the team at Ogle, their professionalism, the quality and overall experience was superb. One of the great things about Ogle is their technology, and the precision of their machines, which can be seen clearly in the seven models.

“This has been our first experience of working with the team at Ogle and we can’t recommend them highly enough. I am sure we will work together on future projects.”

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