November 2017

A Present From Ogle To Ogle

VM30i three-axis machining centre with 12,000 RPM spindle was enough information to get our model making team really rather excited about our latest purchase, which is due to arrive and be fully installed just before Christmas.

We’re talking about the Hurco VM30i 3 axis Machining Centre, which we’ve chosen to increase our capacity and to give our customers greater flexibility. All of this will ultimately give even faster turnaround times from our model making team.

It has a large machining envelope of 1270mm x 508mm x 508mm to ensure we can distribute projects effectively between our existing machines.

Len Martin, Managing Director at Ogle, said: “It’s vital for us to keep an eye out for machinery to add to the fleet and improve efficiency, turnaround times and quality. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’re extremely keen to maintain the right machines to handle current and future challenges.

“Our investments are all about future-proofing. We want to continue to stay ahead of the curve and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

We’re not limited for space here at Ogle, but it’s important for any machine that we purchase, especially CNC, to feature a small footprint with a large work cube. This new machine packs a huge productivity punch and capacity within a condensed footprint.

More information about CNC options here at Ogle HQ >> 

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