February 2017

The Ogle Factor: Improving Your Prototyping Project By 1000%

OK, so the title might be a little excessive. But really, we believe that it’s not just about how many parts you can reel off a machine in a day. What it is about is having respect for your project and our reputation. We call it The Ogle Factor; a broad set of principles that continue to define us as industry leaders.

Why we’re different from a standard RP Bureau

Quality. The skill set that we apply to every job ensures that the client gets the best orientation, processes and materials available. Our parts fit seamlessly together and are meticulously finished by our skilled experts.

Model Makers at Heart

Guess what? We don’t always follow the rules. And that’s great news for you! We will always look at your project in detail and then recommend how we can make it using the best tool in our workshop, be it FDM, SLA, SLS industrial 3D printing, CNC machined, GRP hand lay-up or vacuum casting. When you work with us, your functioning model or prototype will fit perfectly and your designed mechanism will perform correctly.

Design Studios

We believe that design studios who have their own in-house printers can be a good thing. It allows for the fast turnaround of early rough-and-ready concept parts. But what should those companies do when that same 3D printer – often using a real of undefined filament (some lesser known sources) have been shown to supply toxic materials – produced an inaccurate part with a poor surface finish?
They choose to come to Ogle, where they know that all materials are certified, have batch traceability, and are produced on serviced and calibrated machines. We have the expertise and willingness to work with design teams to get the best results.

Outsourcing to the Far East

Yes, you can save money. We often receive requests to take client-supplied parts and finish them off properly for fit, masking and painting the part to allow the full design intentions to be shown to the client.  If you haven’t worked with us before, why not?!
It is our people that make the difference. We are proud to keep such a vital array of skills alive and flourishing here in Hertfordshire.

Your next project

If you like what you hear, why don’t you #ChallengeOgle? We are rolling out a fresh approach to model making. This is our Prototyping Processes and Materials Consultation – the best way to ensure your project runs smoothly, is completed on-time and delivers the best possible result within your budget.

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