June 2016



Ogle have recently refurbished the complex architectural model of the new Farringdon train station which is still under development, but nearing completion, in London.

When speaking about the original project, Architect at Aedas Soji Abass, said: “When we approached Ogle Models we only had some drawings and an artist’s impression to convey the ‘look and feel’ of the proposed interchange concourse. However, Ogle brought to bear an impressive range of techniques and materials that helped bring the scheme to life. In addition, the people at Ogle are a joy to work with.”

The Farringdon Station complex includes two platform tunnels, each 245m long, between the new East Ticket Hall and West Ticket Hall. When producing the original model of the concourse there were key intricate design features that has to be precisely reproduced in 1/50 scale. These features included a double storey building with a spacious northern entrance and a glazed eastern wall, saw-tooth-type skylights with north-facing glaxing and vents orientated southwards; a ticket office, ticketing machines and ticketing gates; two lifts; and three escalators.

Having selected a combination of laser cutting, CNC machining and traditional hand skills, the project took 150 man hours, and the materials of choice were Perspex and clear acrylic.

Having refurbished the original model, Soji Abass, the architect now working directly with Crossrail, said: “Firstly, thanks for your efforts in repairing the model – it looks good and has had quite a number of people involved in the project very excited!”

Crossrail exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)


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