January 2021

Top 10 3D Printing Blogs You Should Be Following 

If you’re keen to brush up on your 3D printing knowledge and visit some of the top blogs to do so, we’ve created a list of the blogs you’ll need to follow in 2021.  

TCT Magazine 

TCT Magazine started life as a newsletter focusing on Rapid Prototyping but soon became one of 3D Printing’s most established and respected voices online. From up-to-date news and information on the developing 3D technologiesTCT Magazine also shines a light on lesser-known stories and events from around the globe. Another aspect we like is that each article on the website is listed by the author, allowing you to keep a track on all your favourite writers and topics. 

Visit: https://www.tctmagazine.com/  

3D Printing Industry 

3D Printing Industry have been a trusted source of news and information since 2012covering 3D Print and 3D Scanning. With a clear layout and easy-to-navigate home page, 3D Printing Industry has everything you want from a news source, featuring passionate writers and external contributorsThere is also a great job postings feature, allowing employers and potential employees to link up. 

Visit: https://3dprintingindustry.com/ 


3DPrinting.com caters for everyone interested in all aspects of 3D printing, from the casual enthusiast to experts, such as the team here at OgleThe site offers quality news coverage and in-depth reporting, product information, and community content, presented on a modern and easy-to-use platform.  

Visit: https://3dprinting.com/news/ 

3D Printing Nerd 

Not a blog in the traditional sense, 3D Printing Nerd is predominantly a YouTube channel boasting over 400,000 subscribers and 60 million views. The man behind 3D Printing Nerd, Joel Telling, joined YouTube back in 2015, focusing on all things 3D Print, from hobby and consumer level right up to large industrial additive manufacturing machines and companies, and doing it in a very entertaining way. 

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_7aK9PpYTqt08ERh1MewlQ 


A real giant in the world of 3D Print, this site provides industry news from around the world, from major mainstream stories to uplifting content that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. With investigative reporting, interviews, and on-the-ground experiences at events and conferences, site visits, and hands-on information, this has absolutely everything a 3D Print fan would need. Another fantastic feature is the Research function, an incredible tool for both hobbyists and industry experts. 

Visit: https://3dprint.com/ 


The second YouTube channel on our list, RCLifeOn is one of the leading 3D Printing channels on the platform, with over 700,000 subscribers and 94 million views. The creator, Simon Sörensen, clearly loves 3D Printing and covers a wide range of aspects related to the technology. The channel likes to keep things relatively basic, allowing it to appeal to a huge audience.  

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/RcLifeOnSimon 


With only around two new blogs a month, i.materialise might not be the most productive site on our list but to overlook it would be to miss out on a really unique and enjoyable source of information. Focusing on 3D Printing, modelling and all the latest technologies, as well as instructional guides for at-home hobbyists. 

Visit: https://i.materialise.com/blog/en/ 

Make Anything 

Our third and final YouTube channel, Make Anything documents the inventions and experiments of creator Devin. With elements of art and design, Devin creates fantastic videos featuring his 3D Printed designs and creations, interacting with viewers through live streams and constantly encouraging his viewers to share their own creativity.  

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVc6AHfGw9b2zOE_ZGfmsnw 


If there was a Mount Rushmore of 3D Printing blogs – and we’re still waiting for someone to 3D Print one – Fabbaloo would definitely be on there. The site delivers daily 3D printing insightsnews and opinion, covering all the exciting developments within the 3D Print world, with its news section broken up into separate categories covering a range of related topics. 

Visit: https://www.fabbaloo.com/ 


While All3DP didn’t make our list back in 2015, with over two million users a month, it now ranks as the world’s leading 3D Printing magazine site. Covering a range of 3D Print topics, ALL3DP caters to the most casual beginner to the most seasoned professional, providing compelling content that is both educational and entertaining. Definitely worth subscribing to. 

Visit: https://all3dp.com/ 

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