July 2020


Attention to detail is what we do at Ogle, so it made sense to give each member of staff a bit of attention too. We thought it was about time our clients got to know the people behind our work and what they like do in their spare time.

Adam Searle  

The role of Paintshop Co-ordinator is a pretty important job at a model and prototype company, something Adam has been doing for so long, he’s practically part of the building’s paintwork. Having held down the job for 15 years, he is known for his razor-sharp wit and paint pot flair. Adam is a cider-swilling, pig-loving babysitter. Curious about what that means? Read on…

What’s your role at Ogle?

“Mainly babysitting the Paintshop boys, cracking the whip and clamping down on tea breaks!

On a serious note, I’m responsible for coordinating and documenting all activities within the Paintshop, ensuring colours and consistencies are matched to meet the clients’ expectations. But essentially I get to play with paint every day to solve customers’ problems. We can match any sample you find, in any form, whether it be a sweet wrapper or a rock from the beach. You can come in for the day and work with us to produce a new range of colours.

In addition to our paint work, we can also make up graphics for various applications and apply lots of specialist coatings such as electromagnetic/radio frequency shield coating, soft feel coatings, suede feel coating, latex coating, rear projection screen coating, fuel tank slosh coating. The list is endless.”

What did you do before Ogle?

“I mainly focussed all my time and energy into making a mess of my Vauxhall Corsa which lived in my parents’ garage. I used to go around scrap yards at weekends buying bits and pieces, chopping them up and sticking them onto my beloved car. One project involved cutting up a Fiat Punto bumper and gluing it onto my bumper. I then stuck a bit of drainpipe around the exhaust and painted it with a rattle can. It was almost touching the floor! A very proud moment.”

What did you study before joining Ogle?

“When I left school, I didn’t pursue any further education. Any of the skills I have developed were learnt at Ogle. I’ve worked with some of Ogle’s finest teachers…I’m giving a special shout out to Mick, who I think invented paint spraying back in Victorian times when he started here!

I have done lots of courses while working at Ogle and I’m constantly learning new skills. I’ve attended a few airbrush workshops which taught me all about weathering techniques and automotive graphics. I now have an IMI qualification and I’ve also done various manufacturers’ inhouse courses too.”

Ogle has been trading for quite a few years – have you noticed any changes in the industry?

Customers’ expectations have gone through the roof and we’ve had to keep up with their pace – which is no bad thing – but we always aim to exceed their expectations. Customer feedback is always excellent, so we must be doing something right. Ogle is a great place to work and is the best place for me because we share the same values, always wanting to get better and striving to be the best.

What should we watch out for in the industry? Any game-changers on the horizon?

“I can’t say too much… but the Paintshop is working on a few top-secret projects. Here’s a small clue, it’s our ‘little black book’.”

Tell us something we don’t know please

“Despite only being 36 I’m an old man at heart. I’ve got an allotment where I like to relax, spend time digging and chatting to the old boys there about the good old days. I also enjoy growing my own food, which is another passion of mine, as well as beer. In fact, during lockdown I finished building my own brewery in my back garden. If you fancy a socially distant pint, while discussing fancy finishes come round to the ‘Thirsty Giant’.”

If you were not at Ogle, what would you be doing now?

“I’d be on a farm down in Devon making cider and raising pigs.”

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