August 2023

Meet the Modelshop Department

When Modelshop Manager Richard Savory tells people his job title, many assume he builds model aeroplanes for a living. And, while the team does in fact create models which are produced for the aviation industry, it is a little more complicated than that. 

Here, Richard and Co-Manager of the team, Matt Punter, explain just what goes on inside the Modelshop department. And they share a few little-known facts about how the team works together on each fascinating project. 

How many people work in the department? 

Richard – We have 12 people on the team trained in modelmaking, traditional pattern making, inspection and CNC machining. 

Describe a typical day in the department 

Matt – We make prototype models of anything from business and first class aircraft interiors all the way to plastic components for a well-known Formula One racing team.  

They will look like the real thing, just not always using the same materials. Sometimes they operate and other times they are look-a-likes of the finished working product. We can turn out any quantity of parts from one-offs to thousands. 

Richard – For myself and Matt there is a lot of work ordering, sorting and organising parts for jobs. We also manage the current workload for our automotive, medical, product design, defence and aviation interior design projects. 

The workshop is a constant hub of activity with busy hands on the bench and a wide range of high-tech machinery on the go, such as our five axis CNC machine. With sanders, planers and circular saws in operation, there is inevitably the odd minor injury but apparently the humble scalpel is considered the most dangerous tool on the floor! 

Which machines do you work with and what do you enjoy most about the work you do? 

Richard – I work with all the machines and, at a push, I can operate the CNC machines. 

Out of all the machines – including the most large and heavy – the most dangerous tool, without a doubt, is the scalpel! The work is constantly changing and no two days are the same. We have a really good team environment here. 

Matt – I’ve been with the business for seven years and there is always a variety of projects and materials to use for different models, so every day can bring something new. We have woodwork machines – band saws, sanders, router, planer, panel and circular saws for handmade projects. CNC machines are used for anything from accurate production parts to large scale parts for interior mock-ups.  

There are lots of different tools which are potentially dangerous, and we do have the odd accident. Most of the time it’s an injury with a scalpel – especially if Richard is holding one! 

What do you want to see for the future of the Modelshop department? 

Matt – Over the next few years, we are going to recruit and expand to continue to deliver the quality, speed and precision our customers know us for.  

And finally, what sets the Ogle team apart from the rest? 

MattThe level of knowledge. We have experts in each area so you know you’re getting the best person for that particular job.  

Even though we’re in the same industry or doing the same job, people’s minds work differently about the best way of making it so there is a constant flow of ideas. 

Richard – We are all in one building and so we have all avenues under one roof – CNC, 3D printing, the paint shop, modelshop. We are a one-stop shop for all aspects of model-making whereas other companies don’t have that luxury – they have to outsource.  

I’ve worked at a few companies and there is nowhere I know that has the same level of talent. I would say we are the best in the business at what we do.  

We have that extra level of quality; the way things are finished, the way projects are approached, our communications and we always take it to the nth degree. Everyone is proud of what they produce, they want to do an excellent job. 

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