June 2024

How to make an exhibition of yourself with Ogle

How to make an exhibition of yourself with Ogle

When it comes to exhibitions, first impressions matter.

A superbly executed exhibition model and how it can captivate an audience, showcase ideas, and leave a lasting impression.

Stand out from the crowd

The crucial outcome for an exhibition model is to grab the attention of your customers. Models can represent the real product, help demonstrate a concept or explain a solution effectively.

Ogle excels at attention to detail, delivering visually accurate models and a variety of scales. We work closely with clients to replicate their final production parts and give the best first impression.

To better explain and sell a product or service, models can be coupled with graphics, or even virtual and augmented reality. We can also incorporate interactive features that encourage engagement and audience participation.

A trusted and proven partner

Our enviable portfolio of custom exhibition models ranges from small demonstrable parts right through to a full-size interior aerospace model with an integrated lighting system.

If you have a particularly large or heavy product that is difficult to transport, we can scale it down to fit on an exhibition stand or use lightweight materials for ease of handling.

Conversely a small or complex product can be scaled up to provide additional clarity that gets you noticed.

Whatever your budget or timescales are, together we can come up with a solution to match. By using multiple processes such as CNC machining and 3D printing alongside each other, our skilled modelmakers can create higher quality models, at reduced costs and lead times.

The pièce de résistance

Ogle helped an industrial design consultancy turn heads with a demonstration of a multi-functional helmet for snowboarders at numerous events around the country.

The stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing process was selected for the complex forms within the helmet with each component expertly finished within Ogle’s dedicated finishing department before being chrome plated.

Curventa also required a stand on which to exhibit the helmet, including a head shape on which to place the finished helmet. This was produced by Ogle using the selective laser sintering (SLS) process.

Let’s create impact together

Tell us about your project, design and goals and we can create a customised model that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

We can help you unveil your vision and steal the spotlight at your next display.

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