March 2020

Get A Quote Faster | Use Our Online Upload Tool

We’re all busy people. And we live in a world where we don’t like waiting for anything.

We get it. Which is why we have tried to make the process for receiving a quote from us as streamlined and effective as possible.

Choose the right format

Preparing your CAD file is step one. We’re not overly fussy about which file format you opt for – we’re happy to accept .stl, .step and .igs among others. But the important thing is to check it and check it again. There must be one part per file, and it must be ‘watertight’.

We would also prefer individual part files correctly named and in position. This saves time as the parts files do not have to be separated out of the assembly.

With your CAD file ready to go, let us see it. Go to our quick quote system and select which process you need. If you don’t know, that’s not a problem, and it won’t prevent you from uploading your file.

Speed is of the essence

If you are looking for straightforward 3D printing using SLA or SLS processes with no finishing required and you have a good CAD file, you will be able to receive an instant quote if an .stl file is used. Our quote engine can take files up to 100MB. If yours is larger, there is an upload tool that will enable you to send up to 256MB files.

Wait, I’ve hit one of the below problems!

  • My upload has failed
  • I don’t have an .stl file to hand
  • I want to choose additional or alternative processes

Don’t worry. It will trigger an alert on site and a member of our team will give you a call to help.

Here to help

If you have a more complicated request or you’re unsure about what process you require, you can still use the online platform, but we won’t be able to provide an instant quote. Uploading your file and letting us know as much information about the project as possible will enable our team to provide you with an accurate quote.

We aim to have a quote back to you as soon as possible, but that isn’t always possible if it is a complex file or we have hit a busy period. You will always receive an email by return to confirm we have received the file.

If there are errors, you will receive a notification on screen. It also flags on site and we can help identify the errors and advise how to fix them. Our aim is to make the process as pain-free and efficient as possible.

Upload first, then talk

Matt White, Senior Sales Engineer, says: “The key is getting your CAD file to us. So, before you pick up the phone for a chat, upload your file and we can see exactly what is required.

“If we need more information, or there is an issue with the file, we’ll give you a call to ensure the quote you receive is accurate.”

To get the ball rolling, upload your file here.

Want to talk?

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