July 2020

Adventurers gripped by Hertfordshire model maker’s prototype floating tripod

UPDATE: After just one day of crowdfunding the project has exceeded its original funding target! Congratulations to the team at Nu Bear. You can support this new innovative product, here. 

A Hertfordshire prototyping company has helped produce the world’s first-ever floating 4-in-1 tripod grip – giving thrill-seekers the chance to record their exploits wherever they are.

Ogle Models, based in Letchworth, meticulously developed a prototype of the ‘Nu Grip’ – a “game-changing” device aimed at avid adventurers and people who love to take photos and record video of their travels.

Action cameras tend to rely on a number of different accessories and manufacturers Nu Bear wanted to merge them into one, while making the tripod lightweight and able to float.

Ogle was brought in to help with the prototyping and help in the testing and design stages of production.

Richard Jolley of Nu Bear, a multidisciplinary design studio that specialises in industrial design, film set and live event design, said: “I have been working with Ogle for around five years. You can go to them with any challenge and they will sort it out.

“They are my first port of call for any prototyping. There are no delays with them – if you have idea or you want to submit a project to them, they can turn it around quickly.

“Ogle can make the process quicker and easier because of their knowledge. If you want to rationalise a concept quickly, the sooner you get them on board the easier they can make the process. You want to get to the end result quickly and Ogle help you do that.”

The technical prototyping was incredibly important to the success of the product and Ogle was tasked with producing a number of verification prototypes using the SLA process to guarantee the accuracy and surface quality required.

The devil was in the detail with this prototype, with accurate measurements absolutely crucial to its success. The fine detail and crisp accuracy afforded by SLA and Xtreme White resin allowed the team to produce seven different iterations of the design within three months, each time ensuring all parts were printed in the optimal orientation to achieve finest detail.

Len Martin, Managing Director of Ogle Models, said: “Because Nu Bear was trying to make the product incredibly lightweight, it was vital to create something that was also robust enough to deliver in all the other functionality of a ‘normal’ tripod. Testing played a key role in the evolution of the design.

“The blood orange tripod feet are highly visible when floating on the water’s surface, making it easy to spot whilst enjoying water sports, while magnets embedded into the legs keep the legs together in the grip position. It’s a real game-changer for the sector.”

Ogle has invested heavily in 3D printing technology, increasing capacity and allowing the company to produce more robust prototypes for a wider range of applications.

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