March 2018

3D Printing Fast Quote Launch!

We are exceptionally proud to announce the launch of the new Ogle Quick Quote System! We’ve been listening to our customers and have worked to create this new bespoke service.

What does it mean for me?

If you have your .stl file and know the process and materials you want to use, then all you have to do is click here to fill in your information and receive a quote.

It’s also good for those times when you have a project to provide indicative costs on, but you’ve worked past 6pm and everyone else has gone home. Our Quick Quote doesn’t take time off. You’ll be able to access your quotes 24/7 to speed up the costing process.

Best of both worlds

We’ve spent months developing and testing this new system to ensure you still receive the advice and guidance you’d expect from us, just without having to pick up the phone. We’ve added in helpful buttons that explain the options in more detail; giving you the ability to create a profile and store your quotes and make it easy to request quotes on more than one part at the same time.

Get started at quotes.oglemodels.com >>


Ogle consultation service

Don’t worry if the Quick Quote System isn’t for you, we offer a bespoke consultation service to ensure your project meets and exceeds its objectives; this includes print orientation analysis, material selection and post-production finishing options. We’ll always speak our minds, so just ask!

Want to talk?

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