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Atlas Elektronik
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Ogle Models and Prototypes has 65 years’ experience in building superior quality models.

They were a natural choice when ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK Ltd needed detailed models of their Atlas Remote Capability Integrated Mission Suite (ARCIMS), the next generation remote controlled and autonomous unmanned boat.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK Ltd is a leading provider of science and technology solutions to the UK Ministry of Defence, the Royal Navy and to other defence departments and corporate customers internationally.

Based in Winfrith, Dorset their products and services cover all aspects of underwater technology and systems and are sold both in the UK and around the world. Sonar systems, harbour security, towed arrays and their associated handling systems, underwater communications, mine countermeasures and unmanned vehicles are just a few of their capabilities.

One of ATLAS’s impressive new developments for countering the threat from naval mines is the ARCIMS. The boat is capable of detecting and detonating underwater mines, therefore removing the man from the dangerous minefi eld. The system uses an 11m remote controlled boat capable of being launched and operated from the shore or from a ship. AEUK has delivered two ARCIMS variants into naval service. The first is an unmanned minesweeping system that emits signals into the water to detonate mines in a controlled manner. Two systems have been accepted into service by a Foreign Navy. The second variant is named the Royal Navy Motor Boat (RNMB) Hazard, which incorporates an automatic Launch and Recovery system for a range of underwater vehicles which is now in operation with the RN Maritime Autonomous Systems Trials Team (MASTT).

Boat Model

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK Ltd were delighted with the final models and will be demonstrating the ARCIMS product in the coming weeks and months at events around the world.

With continued investment in technology and personnel expertise, Ogle Models + Prototypes has proven time and again to be the partner of choice for superior models and prototypes. This is certainly borne out by the team at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK Ltd who were delighted with the final models and will be demonstrating the ARCIMS product in the coming weeks and months at events around the world.

The requirement was for two accurate scale models of the ARCIMS boat: a 40cm long model mounted on a presentation base and a 1m long model for use as a display model at exhibitions. The larger model was to include Launch and Recovery system and three Unmanned Underwater Vehicles UUVs).

Ogle Models and Prototypes started by using the CAD drawings for the full-sized boat and resizing the drawings to create accurate and detailed plans for the two models. The same processes were used to create both models. The hulls were CNC machined from model board. The cabin sections were created from SLA printed parts. Machined acrylic glazing panels complete with frames made up the windows which were then bonded into place. The main mast, engines and interior details were again formed using SLA.

On the larger model the UUV mounting rig was hand made from Perspex and aluminium. The towed arrays themselves were turned on a machine lathe from solid resin bar. They also had additional details added including propellers, towing eyes and stabilizers.

Both models were finished to Ogle Models and Prototypes’ usual high standards. The fine detail on the models extended to deck furniture, such as cleats and handrails, as well as the seats, screens and steering wheel inside the cabin. The job was done over a period of three weeks.

The smaller model was mounted on a clear base and the text and logos were laser engraved onto the base.