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Ogle Models Honda Great Journey

Honda: Great Journey

Ogle has created seven concept models that represent Honda’s future vision for autonomous driving technology, for the Honda Great Journey project. The vehicles are designed to retrace the world’s longest route of human migration from Nairobi, Kenya to Manaus, Brazil.
When Ogle presented the finished models to industrial designers Map they were keen to obtain feedback. Scott Barwick, Design Associate at Map and Mori Inc., said:
"We initially selected Ogle due to their competitive price and the fact that they could meet our strict lead times. We had thought about outsourcing the project to China, but the great thing about Ogle is we could visit them, have a conversation directly with the team and resolve issues very quickly.
We really enjoyed working with the team at Ogle, their professionalism, the quality and overall experience was superb. One of the great things about Ogle is their technology, and the precision of their machines, which can be seen clearly in the seven models. This has been our first experience of working with the team at Ogle and we can’t recommend them highly enough. I am sure we will work together on future projects.”
Honda Great Journey The SLA Process

The SLA Process

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