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For a Product Designer working with 3D CAD it is not enough to know that your 3D data is sound – it is also essential that the design intent is recognised in the production process. The prototyping stage of development is a key step in ensuring that design intent is captured within the product and Ogle Models and Prototypes is fully adept at this.

Producing quality product design models and prototypes is a discipline that requires highly skilled professionals that understand that not all models are made the same. The expert team at Ogle is second to none when it comes to paying attention to the details and understanding the different processes for producing quality prototypes and concept models. With the latest 3D printing processes in-house for a wide range of prototyping applications, the experts at Ogle will always advise on the best process and materials available together with the most suitable orientation of the part for the build in order to achieve design intent without compromising part quality.

In this way, Ogle has worked with a wide range of clients on a diverse spectrum of consumer products to produce superior models and prototypes that meet a myriad of budgetary and lead-time constraints.

For more information on how Ogle can help your product design prototype needs, get in touch today.

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