November 2021

Prototyping company’s latest investment to increase capacity and reduce turnaround times

A model making and prototyping company has made a significant investment in the latest SLS technology from EOS to increase capacity offering customers quicker turnaround times and improved part quality.

Ogle, based in Hertfordshire, provides a range of 3D printing, prototyping and model making services to companies around the world. The company has recently purchased an EOS P 770 SLS machine as part of its ongoing commitment to investing in state-of-the-art machinery, taking the total to over £1.5m invested over the last two years.

Director Phil Martin said: “Ogle’s investment in the EOS P 770 reflects the company’s ambition to harness the latest technologies to improve our offer to clients and adapt as their requirements change.

“The machine will help us to increase capacity, reduce turnaround times for clients and deliver the highest-quality prototypes. This increasing efficiency and continual improvement in quality is why clients return to us time and time again.”

“Ogle is at the forefront of 3D printing, and investments such as this help us to maintain our position as market leaders within the prototyping industry.”

Its build volume is 700 x 380 x 580mm, with a build rate of up to 32 mm/h.

The EOS P 770, which boasts two powerful lasers and increased laser accuracy, offers one of the largest build areas on the market. It can produce large parts up to one metre in length and is 20 percent more productive than its predecessor, resulting in a reduction in cost-per-part.

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