Ogle leads the charge on portable EV charger

Exhibition model
CNC machining/traditional model making with SLA
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At a time when electric cars are bursting on to our streets, drivers looking to join the revolution are exploring the various charging options. Not everyone can accommodate a charging point at home – and then there’s the risk of running out of charge on a longer journey.

Jonathan Carrier and Richie Sibal used their deep technical and commercial automotive experience in EVs, batteries and charging to develop the ZipCharge to support electric car users. Like a powerbank for your mobile phone, the ZipCharge gives motorists the flexibility to charge their car wherever they are – and is no bigger than a compact suitcase meaning you can take it anywhere with you.

Jonathan and Richie wanted a full-scale model of the ZipCharge that they could use to demonstrate at a national EV show. They also wanted to be able to use it for press photos and marketing material. The model needed to look exactly like the end product, be the same weight and include a certain level of electrical capability.

It was a complex ask, but the specialists at Ogle relish a challenge and they called on their years of knowledge and experience to find solutions to complicated issues, showing once again why they are so highly regarded.


Jonathan and Richie had asked for a model that would be fully representative of the actual product. CNC machining of high density tooling board was selected to fulfil the brief. Ogle started by creating the main body and cutting away the internal space to allow for the various electrical components to be fitted inside.

The interior had to also house the retractable handle, which was engineered and machined in aluminium and plastic. Allowances on the unit had to be made to accommodate the rotating axles and bearings for the wheels.

The project required some complex lighting elements. A working battery charge indicator light strip and an illuminated logo were designed and built into the model. A functional, recoiling charge cable reel was also included.

As usual, the unit was dry assembled prior to painting in pearl white and a finish that mimicked black anodised aluminium. As a finishing touch, a large Union Jack motif was added over the casing using a one-off printed vinyl.


Keeping the weight in line with that of the end product turned out to be a surprise. The team was initially concerned about the model being too heavy, but when the components were weighed, it became apparent that steel plates would be needed in the chassis to bring the weight up to the required spec.

The required one-off circuit board had originally been outsourced to a specialist company, but it was forced to close after a Covid outbreak. Ogle pooled their expert knowledge to be able to construct the electrical and lighting components in house, to ensure the project stayed on track.


Richard Savory, Modelshop Supervisor, said: “The customer met us several times, ran through their requirements and wishes and even had a tour around our facility prior to the project being commissioned. This gave them the confidence in our ability to bring the project through to fruition, on time and to a full production appearance standard.

“The project ran well with the end result being well thought out and well executed. The project was delivered on time despite Covid restrictions and exceeded the customers’ expectations.”

Jonathan Carrier said: “From the outset, Ogle were our partner of choice given their expertise in modelling, machining capability and proven assembly of models to production quality standards. The team were always responsive to our requirements, kept us updated on progress and provided guidance on decisions that needed making.

“ZipCharge was delighted with the final result and the Go concept model that Ogle produced, which was then showcased on BBC Click for their programme recorded in Glasgow as part of COP26. It has been photographed and distributed in media around the world, and is still being used today, to showcase the viability and functionality of our ground-breaking product, the ZipCharge Go.”