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A variety of processes for excellent results.

Rapid Prototyping is the term used for the creation of a 3D model part or product, in accelerated time. The team of experts at Ogle have a wide range of processes at its disposal – all in house.

These include advanced industrial 3D printing & additive manufacturing processes such as stereolithography and plastic laser sintering; more traditional subtractive processes such as CNC machining; as well as the vacuum casting process. Ogle offers its industrial clients an extensive rapid prototyping service providing superior, highly accurate prototypes on time, every time.

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping for your projectRapid Prototyping Ogle Models

  • Over traditional methods, rapid prototyping produces faster lead times on the production of the prototype, meaning reduced costs and development time.
  • You gain more control over the design, part complexity and material choices for your project due to the variety of process available in rapid prototyping.
  • Rapid prototyping allows designers to create models that look and feel real to users quickly, allowing quick feedback for more testing and model variations.
  • Animations and interaction patterns in the technology help turn the complex into the understandable, which is crucial to digital usability and the design process.
  •  Additive processes have proved greatly advantageous in a number of industrial sectors to date, including, but not limited to, aerospace, architecture, automotive, creative design, defence, electronics and medical.

BT chose Ogle Models to help them produce a prototype for their new wireless phone.

3D Printed BT Phone Ogle

Prototype for BT Phones

Benefits of Working with Ogle for your project

  • Ogle offers nothing less than the latest equipment, technology and premises to ensure the highest standard of solutions.
  • Whether an initial concept or a prototype series, Ogle work alongside the client every step of the way to decipher the best process for their project.
  • Ogle also specialise in the finish of projects, ensuring an accurate, careful prototype finish and design every time.
  • Ogle does not just work with one process. Assessing project requirements, the right process for the project will be chosen.

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