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Ogle Models & Prototypes offers a wide variety of services all under one roof. By combining traditional industrial model making techniques with the most up-to-date additive manufacturing technologies, processes and materials, Ogle provides its clients with a single, comprehensive source for all of their industrial model making and prototyping needs. Indeed the fusion of long-established expertise with cutting-edge technology is fundamental to Ogle’s ongoing success. The company’s highly experienced and skilled model shop team works closely with every customer to understand their specific requirements and to find the most innovative and cost-effective solution using the most appropriate process.

Ogle’s 25,000 square foot facility houses an extensive range of equipment, which includes the latest 3D printers, additive manufacturing machines, vacuum casting, Reaction Injection Moulding and CNC machining mills. Ongoing investment and improvement is what allows the company to provide such a comprehensive range of services, which go beyond producing models and prototypes as a commodity, but also allows the team at Ogle to work in partnership with its clients on full product development projects and even small batch production. In addition, the facility boasts a dedicated finishing department that offers a superior finishing service regardless of how a model was produced, which ensures the highest quality end result – every time.

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