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The art of model making has a long and rich history and it is an activity that requires a tremendous amount of skill and expertise. At Ogle all of our model makers are trained to the highest level with an exceptional skill set that is applied to every project.

Model Making can refer to a variety of different processes, from 3D printing & additive manufacturing & CNC Machining, to using Traditional Hand Skills, all of which Ogle offer.
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Whatever your model requirements Ogle will work with you to produce an exceptional model that will precisely meet your needs. The company combines conventional modelling methods with the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide the ultimate model making solution for every client.

Ogle’s reputation for model making is second-to-none and the company has worked on some of the most prestigious models produced in the UK since it was founded in 1954. Just one stand-out example was Ogle’s involvement in the production of some of the earliest Star Wars models.

Typical Applications

Today Ogle applies an innovative approach that can accommodate any model requirement, including:

  • Architectural models
  • Design verification models
  • Exhibition models
  • Marketing models
  • Museum models
  • Presentation models
  • Replica models
  • TV & Film models

Models can be produced to any feasible scale, including full-scale models and clients need not worry about being constrained by size because Ogle operates a fully equipped transport model shop for automotive, marine and aerospace clients that require a full-size mock-up. As an example, Ogle has produced a full-scale model of a helicopter.

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