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When it comes to models + prototypes, first impressions are everything!

It does not matter how well made a model or prototype is, if it is not finished properly it is unlikely to have the desired effect. Ogle understands that model finishing can make the difference between success and failure of any project and takes this part of the process very seriously.

The finishing process often involves intricate processes being applied to models and prototypes. For display models, the finishing touches ensure that even the finest details are replicated in line with the original design. For exhibition models and fully functional prototypes, the goal is always to achieve an aesthetic that is comparable with a final production part, including working electronic components or lighting, which can all be incorporated. (See video)

With a dedicated finishing and painting facility in-house, Ogle employs a highly skilled team that is fully committed to finishing every model to the highest standards in line with precise client requirements.

We can supply clients with a comprehensive range of finishing capabilities, which includes:

  • Sanding – The finishing team can skillfully remove any evidence of layering effects or joins (depending on the build process) by hand, always ensuring that any fine details remain intact.
  • Painting – One of Ogle’s latest investments has been to expand its paint finishing capabilities to maintain and improve quality in this area. The department has installed a full-sized paint finishing booth 6.25 m x 3.9 m x 2.5 m (l x w x h) built with double skin insulated panels and direct gas fired heating with a re-circulating system for efficiency. With a new dedicated paint colour-mixing facility included, Ogle can guarantee to match any colour reference supplied by clients.
  • Graphics – Ogle can apply any graphics, supplied by clients, to the model or prototype to provide an accurate fully finished look. Graphics can be supplied as Illustrator files, jpegs or PDF’s.
  • Chrome – When clients require a highly chromed finished part, Ogle can meet this need utilising its vacuum metallising process, which can apply chrome to plastic parts. This process has been particularly successful when producing full sets of automotive light prototypes, whether a space model for form and fit or a fully functional, working lamp set. Alternatively, Ogle can apply a chrome paint finish.


Ogle is able to offer customized exhibition cases, plinths and packaging suitable for each individual project, at the client’s request.

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