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Low Volume Production

What is Low Volume Production?

Using some of the more advanced in-house processes, Ogle is able to provide real solutions for small batch production runs for a variety of applications. A number of Ogle’s clients have been delighted with the results that Ogle can offer when it comes to final production parts in low volumes. Both the laser sintering (LS) additive manufacturing process and the vacuum casting process are particularly suited to low volume production applications and have successfully been brought to bear on projects of this nature.

LS provides distinct advantages for producing low-volume production parts, namely that it can build highly accurate, strong and complex parts directly from 3D CAD data, eliminating the time and expense that results from tooling.

Vacuum casting is another cost-effective process that allows the production of high quality, identical multiple models for a range of applications. Vacuum casting is a particularly ideal method for automotive applications, such as trims, which require precise accuracy and repeatability.

Ogle can offer a further alternative for small batch production. The experts at Ogle have developed a sophisticated proprietary method of by-passing the production of a master model and progressing straight to rapid production of a mould, which reduces overall lead times, and is highly successful for low volume production for larger, simpler parts.

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