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Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Superior industrial 3D printed parts in real materials

The FDM system can build just about any geometry you have in mind. Each design is approached by our team on an individual basis, to determine which is the best orientation for the part to be built in. This ensures the part will function fully and the aesthetics will be as intended.

Parts are produced within an accuracy of ±0.127mm up to 100mm then ±0.127mm per additional 100mm.

The FDM Process

A CAD file is converted into an .STL file; a format created specifically for 3D printing. FDM 3D printers build the parts layer-by-layer from the base up by heating and extruding the thermoplastic filament, through the Computer Numerically Controlled tips, along the desired path.

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Benefits of FDM for Your Project

FDM parts are known for their strong, stable production materials. Ogle’s variety of materials each have different characteristics to choose from. Benefits of FDM include:

  • Wide range of durable thermoplastics
  • Low cost process
  • Ideal for fit and form testing
  • Cost effective for bespoke one offs to small batch runs
  • Jigs and fixtures

The Fortus 400mc FDM machine has a build envelope of 406 x 355 x 406mm. Amongst the material options for FDM is ULTEM 9085 – a high performance thermoplastic with a high strength to weight ratio. A specialist material of FDM, ULTEM is most widely used in the aerospace sector, where its temperature resistance and FST certification are impetrative.


Industry Applications

FDM is ideal for functional form and fit testing, prototype parts and end use products. These parts are unrivalled in thermal, mechanical and chemical strength. This makes FDM the perfect technology for challenging plastic applications.

At Ogle, FDM is used most commonly for bespoke one offs, low volume production parts, jigs and fixtures, manufacturing aids, tooling and functional prototypes.

Industries include: medical, aerospace, mechanical, automotive, marine and defence.

Working with Ogle

When it comes to demanding industrial FDM applications, Ogle have the skills and expertise to ensure your project is completely on time and on budget.

In-house FDM capabilities at Ogle

Materials include, but are not limited to:

Quick Tech Facts

Layer thicknesses:

ASA (ABS) – A UV stable material matching or exceeding the properties of ABS, with the best part aesthetics of any FDM material. This material also has the benefit of soluble supports.

PC ISO – A strong, heat resistant engineering Polycarbonate, which is biocompatible (ISO 10993 USP Class VI) and can be gamma or EtO sterilized.

ULTEM 9085 – A flame retardant high performance thermoplastic, with a high strength to weight ratio and superior thermal properties.

Ogle Models FDM Fortus Materials

If your project requires a different material or process, just ask the team and they will quickly source alternatives.


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